Radiant Self-Care for Awakened Living

Living An Empowered Life Through Optimal Health


The intention of this course is to empower our lives with more conscious choices for focused Self-Care, building coherent foundations for a healthy body, mind, emotions and Spirit. A conscious commitment to self-awareness and to self-agreements generates power and a natural stability to live our healthiest choices in the present moment. In this sacred self-initiatory process we will learn to listen more closely to our intuition, our bodies and lives. Through applied life wisdom, we can facilitate natural self-healing, boost vitality and develop a powerful natural immunity supporting optimal health. Deepening our Self-Care enables us to be fully present with our vital interconnectedness with all that is, in order to forgive, to accept, and to live our birthright of a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

Drawing from the best in Integrative Medicine, and combining practices and methods from both conventional and alternative medicine, we will learn how to live more consciously in a way that is healthier, more radiant, self-generative and self-regulating. At the same time, we will learn to recognize the importance of transforming life-conflicting habits and patterns into a foundation for an awakened spiritual life as well as rejuvenation.

Reflecting on the realization that each of us has a unique contribution to make toward both our own and our collective awakening, we will be initiating a quantum shift into self-awakening.


Our intention for this course is to inspire participants to hold their lives differently and to build a self-generative model of self-care based in self-leadership and internal coherence.

Radiant Self-Care is heart-based, working at the level of the Soul, opening to our essence as we shift into a direct experience of coherence. What reveals itself is our unique soul's self-initiatory journey which is our unique contribution to evolution.

Radiant Self-Care uses ancient and modern techniques and resources which are experiential and immediately applicable to our lives. Engaging the material from this course will help us:

  • Transform our lives from the inside out.
  • Wake up from the issues and obstacles to inner peace and self-care, and from the dream in which these obstacles appear real.
  • Discover and treat the root causes of health issues.
  • Learn how to access our inner guidance changing limiting habits and belief.
  • Develop a daily routine of practices applying tools that cultivate clarity, intuition, energy and optimal well-being.
  • Learn a practical model for self-care, empowering us to manifest our heart's intention.
  • Clear self-sabotaging behaviors that inhibit our personal evolution.
  • Deepen our sense of gratitude for the potential to lead a life of greater peace supported by optimal health.
Radiant Self Care
Suggested Reading

Deepak Chopra, Creating Health

Jeru Kabbal, Finding Clarity, A Guide to the Deeper Levels of Your Being

Adyashanti, Emptiness Dancing

Pre-paper Assignment

Write a 3–5 page paper clarifying your aspirations and describing your current approach for self-care. Becoming aware of what you value most, what “conscious self-care for awakened living” is about for you, is the first step as our lives flow along the path of what we value most. This step is foundational and will help you gather your energy, direct your attention and engage your whole self with an effective follow through. Making conscious your values enables you to activate the full spectrum of body, emotion, mind and spirit inner resources. It also creates a context for practicing increasing ratios of coherence in your choices for conscious living. Describe what your heart’s deepest “yes” aspires to in each moment as well as the vision for your future goals for your Radiant Self-Care for Awakened Living. Remember that the term self-care includes attitudes, insights, activities and behaviors that we use on a regular basis to cultivate self-awareness.

Journaling Self-Care

Learn the importance of keeping a Self-Care Journal. Make entries during the course while learning the importance of crafting powerful questions for yourself such as: What’s most important to you at this time in your life? What practices most support your wellness in the context of your mind, body, emotions and Spirit? In what ways do you practice compassion towards yourself to the extent you do for others? Learn how to take the time to sculpt the most useful and powerful questions for you to explore. Consider the difference between contemplative questions for inquiry and focused questions with specific answers. What are your questions if your intention were to explore self-care that inspires to increasing ratios of awakened wholeness?

Post-paper Assignment

Write a 12–15 page paper that tracks your encounter with your own healing during the course of the intensive, or how you see the healing of humans as part of the healing of the eco-field, or questions that emerge for you, or cosmic maps you encountered the readings, the ceremonies, the dialogues, or all of the aforementioned. We invite your paper to reflect what is true above all else for you and illumine your journey for taking responsibility for your own life through conscious self-care. In addition you may reflect on the reading material, input from faculty and supportive resource you bring to the experience.


“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.”

—Albert Einstein

Monthly Teleseries: 3rd Tuesday of each month

Dates: February 19 through July 23

Time: noon PST

Faculty: Bobbi Spurr, N.D.(E), P.A.-C., Ph.D. with Gwendolyn Grace

Credit: 2 credits


Faculty Bios

Bobbi Spurr

Bobbi Spurr, Ph.D.
Since graduating from Stanford University, Dr. Bobbi Spurr has been a devoted student, teacher and leader in Integrative Medicine: a combination of the best practices and methods of Western and Eastern medicine. She has over 30 years experience in working with people to facilitate higher levels of wellness and spiritual awakening. She has founded and directed two full spectrum wellness clinics and is a dynamic speaker in the fields of human consciousness, mysticism, health, energy medicine and the science of spiritual awakening.

As a healing practitioner, she utilizes a wide range of modalities ranging from allopathic, naturopathic and other alternative approaches to medicine and healing. She routinely draws from the traditions of Ayurvedic, naturopathic, nutritional and energy medicine. Bobbi combines yoga, emotional intelligence, life-style transformation, fitness and awareness training and oxygen therapies in an approach to wellness and healing which embraces the importance energetic coherence in the areas of Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit. With the intention of bringing her work to a larger arena, she was inspired to co-chair international conferences in Energy Medicine and Inner Mystery Schools. As a healer, medical intuitive, yogini, and educator she applies the transformational powers of Love and Presence to help others heal and awaken to their fullest potential.

Wendy Grace

Gwendolyn Grace
Wendy discovered healing therapies thirty years ago when she discovered their effectiveness in a life threatening illness that began in her twenties. This began a journey experiencing and studying many healing modalities that included energy work such as Reiki, Meir Schneider’s Self Healing work, psychosynthesis, process oriented psychotherapy, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, bodywork, expressive art and ritual. This led to a practice in body-mind therapy under the umbrella of Rosen Method Bodywork for ten years and an intimate awareness of the healing journey as a spiritual gift and an awakening process.