Pod Consciousness

Immersion into Holographic Awareness

“It is relevant in our speculative prehistory of reviewing of all known clues that, in common only with water-dwelling mammals such as whales and porpoises, humans shed salt water tears, as do none of the other primates.”

—R. Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path

Course Description

It is well known that dolphins are one of the most highly intelligent and conscious species on the planet. Their life in the ocean is spent primarily within the profound communal bond of the “pod”, so much so that the relationship between their individual identity and their collective identity appears to be seamless.  In the experience of swimming with dolphins it becomes obvious that dolphins possess what can be called a “holographic awareness”. It seems they have an ability to communicate to the whole pod simultaneously while also being able to communicate from one individual to another. The holographic paradigm can provide us with a context and framework for understanding how this may be possible, and how it may be the same for us as well. Research into dolphin consciousness and their ability to use sonar as a way of “seeing” the whole of their environment at once through it has been likened to having a holographic perception of sorts. We will explore the science of holographic imaging and the holographic nature of the cosmos, as well as the research into dolphin consciousness, as a means to an intellectual understanding of pod consciousness.

Complementary to this, we will engage in experiential practices, processes and journeys intended to evoke a direct experience of our own holographic awareness as a group—as a pod. From the moment we arrive, we will spend our entire time together with the intention of maintaining a continued awareness of our whole group, moving together through each day with a mindfulness of the energy of the group, the space we're in, the flow of events and relational dynamics, shared consciousness in our dreaming and waking states, and recognition of the synchronicities that provide a reflection of the transcendent interaction of ourselves and our environment in consort.

Join faculty Teresa Collins, Marshall Lefferts, Will Taegel, Judith Yost and Nassim Haramein in a journey of deep inquiry and immersive experience (literally in the water, as well as on land) as we explore the very nature of our beings as individuals within a field of unified consciousness.

The week will include a boat trip into the aquamarine waters of Hawaii where the wintering humpback whales and Hawaiian spinner dolphins congregate, as well as a trip to Kilauea Volcano to pay homage to Goddess Pele who presides over the volcanic energy of the Big Island, and Pu‘uhonua O Honaunau—The Place of Refuge—where we’ll give thanks to the our ancestors and relations in all realms, and enjoy what is one of the most peacefully exquisite places in the world.

The retreat will be hosted by the beautiful land and ocean of South Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii, where a community of “podners” has lived in a peaceful and playful relationship with the dolphins and whales for decades. We’ll enjoy an evening potluck with this community, and delight in the stories, insights, videos, humor, music and warm camaraderie of these friends and fellow explorers of pod consciousness.

Hawaii, warm and clear water, deep conversation and intuitive insight, dolphins, whales, sea turtles, exquisite fresh and vibrant food, dear friends, music, unified awareness… and all that shows up to reveal a sense of pod consciousness. Let’s play!


Teresa and Marshall spent four years living in Hawaii, swimming regularly with dolphins and gaining a direct awareness of their pod communication and behavior. Teresa will also share principles and practices of her Living In Mastery teachings, guiding us ever more fully into an embodiment of universal being in our daily experience. Marshall will bring to light a clear understanding of the holographic principle inherent in the cosmos through his illuminating images and explanations of Cosmometry. Will and Judith will embrace us in their innate knowledge and awareness of the “eco-field”, the greater environment of nature, spirit, feeling and presence that informs our personal and shared experiences within a holistic context. And Nassim Haramein will expand our minds with his holo-fractal physics, providing a remarkable model of how all things in the cosmos are, indeed, completely connected at the sub-quantum level, and the implications of this model for future technologies of energy, propulsion, healing, and the remarkable path ahead for humans in the universe.

And as a means of engendering a direct experience of building a coherent group dynamic, we will also be joined by master percussionist, John Marshall, who will bring his expertise in guiding groups into the magical realms of rhythm and music, one of the most immediate and visceral ways in which we can experience unified consciousness as individuals within a greater, synergetic whole.

Course Objectives

— Introduction to holo-fractal physics

— Orientation to the holographic map of pod consciousness as an aspect of the Universe

— Immersion in The Mother Tongue of specific oceanic eco-fields with particular reference to dolphins and whales

— practical spiritual practices in a setting of beauty

— a laboratory experience of the Neo-Copernican Revolution of humans’ return to the pod

— a building of a human community deeply informed by more-than-humans

Required Reading

Michael Talbot, The Holographic Universe

David Bohm, Wholeness and the Implicate Order

Supportive Reading

Will Taegel, The Mother Tongue

Pre-Paper Assignment

Write a 3 to 5 page paper that addresses experiences you have had in the environment that suggest communal consciousness.

Dates: February 7—15, 2013

Location: Hookena Retreat Center, The Big Island, Hawaii

Faculty: Teresa Collins, Marshall Lefferts, Will Taegel, Ph.D., with Nassim Haramein and others

Academic Credit: 4 academic credits
Fulfills the Core Course Requirement for Earth Wisdom & the Primordial Mind

Faculty Bios

Teresa Collins

Teresa Collins brings a rare blend of dynamic presence, a whole systems strategic mind, and a large loving heart to the endeavors that call her into service. At the core of her calling is a commitment to empowering learning communities of all shapes and sizes to thrive in these profoundly potentiated times. For the last decade Teresa has initiated and engaged in a number of learning community experiments with people from around the world and continues to adapt and innovate in response to this living experience. She is a radiant teacher who guides by example, inspiring people to live authentic and joy-filled lives and to join their genius with others doing the same to co-create the new.

Marshall Lefferts

Marshall Lefferts is the founder and director of the Cosmometry Project, a not-for-profit research initiative to coalesce the field of cosmic geometry and its application within all domains of scientific, artistic and spiritual experience (fiscal hosting provided by Planetwork NGO, Inc).
To learn more visit www.cosmometry.net

In recent years he has served as Associate Producer for the documentary film, THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?; is current President of the Board of Directors for the Resonance Project Foundation (Nassim Haramein, Director of Research); was Co-Founder of the Gene Keys, US; was Co-Director of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution (founded by Barbara Marx Hubbard); and was a Consulting Producer for the Buckminster Fuller Institute and has been a producer of many projects in interactive media.

Will Taegel

Will Taegel brings an integral approach to his work at Wisdom University as Vice President of Academic Affairs. He weds his Native American background and traditional training in shamanic circles with his 30-year practice of psychotherapy, including a stint as Chair of the Texas State Board of Examiners in Psychotherapy. He balances his academic interest in evolution and trauma with the spiritual practice of rainwater collection, solar and wind energy, and environmental restoration. Will Taegel is the author of 8 books and numerous professional articles. He was among the first researchers to connect clinical and cultural disturbance with human estrangement from the sacred core of Nature and, in that regard, to build a number of ongoing eco-spiritual communities and is the co-founder, with Judith Yost, of an eco-spiritual, integral practice community called the Earthtribe.