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Greetings to Wisdom Communities everywhere and especially to all Wisdom graduate students.

The first Saturday in every month is a top priority for us. This is our time to meet you in community. We began our calls as Wisdom School of Graduate Studies, and quickly wisdom seekers from around the globe have joined us.

We have all had deep spiritual experiences through in-person intensives, pilgrimages, and other modes of deeper growth. Here is a common after-response: “I wish I could take this wisdom community with me.”

Now, through this monthly gathering time, we can take the profound intimacy of our wisdom community with us. We can meet on the waves of virtuality.

True, a virtual community does not equal being with each other in-person, but it does approximate the experience, can strengthen our connectedness and enlarge our lives.

There are a number of components to our call. We meditate together. Wisdom seekers discuss gifts that have come through them in terms of books, dissertations, and other creative endeavors. You have an opportunity to get a good feel for not only our student body and faculty but also for life-long learners around the globe. Our purpose for being is to provide a context, a field, to bring through the gift in you that Spirit desires to bring forth.

We urge all students and prospective students to make this call a monthly must. We often make announcements that will give you a heads-hearts-up on unfolding events in our community.

Most important: we consider an important theme each month, one that goes to the heart of transformation as a theme arises in our Wisdom Community field. We often invite special guests. For example, recently, we have had Raymond Moody, George and Sedena Cappannelli, Jim Garrison, and others.

CLICK HERE to register for the Wisdom 1st Saturday Community Calls.

As we proceed with the development of the Global Learning Center, we will be reaching out to the community to learn what features you most wish to see included.

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